MILKING( PROSTATICO)45 min- 60 min.

Milking is a practice that is usually associated with the BDSM world, and consists of the genital stimulation in man at the same time as a prostate massage made with sex toys.

The Milking massage is not only a practice that recalls the BDSM world, and is not concentrated only in the stimulation of the prostate, but it is a complete holistic treatment that is carried out on a futon with hot almond oil, it is massaged throughout the body, from the feet up to the head, with slow and enveloping maneuvers, bringing the person who receives him into a state of trance and body well-being, the muscles relax and the tensions disappear, giving an extreme pleasure that can hardly be reached with a traditional massage.

170,00 Euro 45 minuti
220,00 Euro 60 minuti