Spying or being watched by your partner during a moment of intimacy, is an erotic fantasy that unites many couples, the Voyeur massage is designed just for those who want to achieve this desire, for those who find pleasure not only in receiving a massage, but also in observe your partner receive it.

The treatment is carried out on the futon on the futon with warm oil of almonds, in a room with soft lighting and chill out music to act as a background, it is a body-to-body massage, very sensual and enveloping, light maneuvers and slips on the whole body this very erotic treatment; in another room in half-light divided only by curtains, on a comfortable armchair, the partner will witness the spectacle of the two bodies sprinkled with oil slipping one on top of the other, the distance from the recipient of the massage and the observing partner is very close up, but the clever play of curtains and soft lights make the two rooms completely separate, favoring the maximum intimacy of both.