Un rituale di accoglienza basato su tecniche di respirazione e stimolazione dei Chakra. Tantra Kundalini viene eseguito sul futon,la
A welcome ritual based on breathing techniques and stimulation of Chakras is the beginning of the Tantra Kundalini Massage. It’s done on a futon mattress, with ethnic relaxing music, candles, flowers and incense drive the woman or man into the Tantric Ritual.
The Tantra Kundalini Massage doesn’t overlook any part of the body, the balance and unblocking of all the Chakras to expand sexual energy, until a complete psychological and physical wellbeing.

The masseuse covers sensually all the recipient body, arousing each inch of the skin with movements to awaken a new lechery. With the application of warms oils, the hands and naked body of your masseuse glide on recipient’s body, starting from the feet to the head, The Tantra Kundalini massage represent the best expression of Tantra Ritual, nothing is neglected, all the techniques and plays, originating from Yoga and Ayurveda, are used to awaken the deepest sexual energies.

Tantra Kundalini
Duration of treatment: 60 min. € 150,00
90 min. € 200.00
Tantra Kundalini + Prostate Massage
Duration of treatment: 60 min. € 170,00
90 min. € 220.00

150 200,00 Euro 60-90 min