For this Kashmir massage you are invited into a dedicated, loving hug in which you may carry, cradle, cherish and heal. Let go of everything and relax. From this space of being safe, trust, acceptance and deep relaxation, there may be surrender. Giving space to what is touched and wants to be seen healing, liberation and wholeness may develop.

During this kashmir massage we meet in wholeness and in our true core. I invite you to surrender to the intuitive dance that will come under my hugging hands and tender touches.

Flowing, deepened breathing, slow soft touches/movements contribute to a deep relaxation from which intuitive dance, experience of fluidity and connectivity can result in a meditative flow. So close to yourself … so close to the other.

What is a Kashmir massage?

This is a holistic massage from ancient Kashmir for healing and transformation in which you may relax and let go. This is a beautiful, lovingly and sensual massage for the whole body which is based on Ayurvedic principles. The massage is given on a massage mat, and mainly on my lap. If you have no experience of receiving a tantra massage, then this is a beautiful way to start.

The effect of this Kashmir massage is that you experience the body like a baby, with some sort of comprehensive, non-differentiated totality. The Kashmir massage is not aimed at achieving sexual stimulation or discharge, but rather on deep relaxation, healing and a blissful experience of the body’s own energy that is centered in the body meridian.

Let everything be as it is
Usually, during this Kashmir massage, a warm massage oil is used generously and both the giver and the recipient are naked. If you do not feel comfortable with this, it is also possible to receive this Kashmir massage completely or partially dressed. This massage is given on a soft, comfortable futon.

A trip to healing is a journey that someone undertakes for himself, without purpose or intention of the giver. By letting everything be as it is, you give the person back to himself.

It is a natural process during this Kashmir massage that some people experience this as exciting, purely because of the contact areas. Central is the experience of a deeper energetic connection to create a deep state of relaxation and to become familiar with what is experienced in physical contact rather than an erotic experience.