Originated from the soaplands in Japan, Nuru found its way towards the western world. Nuru is the next big thing in the category of sensual massage and is adopted by many across the globe. Nuru is a Japanese word means “slippery”. Nuru gel is made from deep water seaweed named “Nori”. It is a message where the warm product is applied on the receivers as well as the givers body and massage is given using the body instead of hands. A couple can glide effortlessly over each other. It is a kind of wet massage that starts and ends with a relaxing shower bath.

The products that are utilized in this massage are colourless, odourless and non sticky. With Nuru gel, the skin is given the right treatment as it is made out of 100% natural elements, with camomile and minerals salts. Also being natural it has no side effects and ends up in softer skin . It keeps the skin hydrated and relieves mental stress. The gel used is odourless and its beneficial for people who are sensitive against fragrances. The massage sequence is made of the supreme art of Touching, waving pleasure, nuru gel on naked skin allows the body slides over other body and arouses the romantic feelings and sexual desire.

200,00 Euro 60 min