Inspired to the ancient Japanese Soaplands tradition, Soapy massage is given on soapy air mattress, scented candles and relaxing music prepares this love ritual: the masseuse or masseur uses the entire body, rolled up in soft and hot foam to wash all the recipients’ body, moving slowly, with hands, legs and feet gliding on recipients’ body.

It’s true ecstasy, all the movements are gently and accurate, to ensure a relaxing and erotic experience. With a sponge and massage gloves, a natural soapy Japanese herbals and essential oil blend such as Ylang-Ylang, all your body receives a nourishing massage, from the feet, to the legs, to the back.

Soapy Massage helps to increase sexual energy and spreads it all over the body, the close contact between the bodies is the thread between sexuality and spirituality in all their aspects, promoting a total relax and reducing stress.

200,00 Euro 60 minuti